About our Company

Japan Global Solutions is a privately operated and supported BPO based company in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We’ve worked with a diverse range of international clients in a variety of industries. Our skilled experts are dedicated to providing highest standard information technology and business process outsourcing services at the most affordable prices. To meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, each project requires a significant amount of effort. Our highly skilled teams offer excellent solutions and services to our clients, allowing them to easily manage their business data and processes. We enable our clients to spend more time on the market, improve operational efficiencies, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction by improving overall competitive advantage.

We have deep respect for every individual in the organization and we think this is the foundation for creating and maintaining trust. We believe in the spirit of teamwork that leads to high performance and adds tangible value at all levels. Providing excellent service to the clients at the most affordable prices in an efficient manner is our main responsibility.

Why do you need to trust JGS?

We are the only company with a large enough global client base and the required experience and expertise to provide the services. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in any situation, with any challenge, at any time. It gives our clients confidence in dealing with JGS.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is “Be the Larger global service provider”. Our mission is “Provide satisfied customer service and excellent customer care experience”. Our primary goal is “To make a large loyal customer base all over the world”.

Our Team

Our team makes a concerted effort to comprehend our clients’ exact requirements. They are well-trained and strive to understand our clients’ needs in a way that meets their expectations.

Our Office