How COVID-19 is Changing the Way We do Business

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with the world as we knew it. As governments make significant interventions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, businesses have had to adjust how they deal with their own employees as well as with customers and suppliers.

The virus is changing our behaviour in unprecedented ways: From stockpiling groceries to social distancing, from not shaking hands or meeting in person to virtual discussions and briefings via Zoom.

In the following we share our own COVID-19 experience as well as the experience that two of our clients and associates had. How did teams adapt, what changes had to be implemented and what positives have come out of a challenging situation that has thrown us all into the same boat at the same time?

Whilst challenging operations as well as financial outcomes, the pandemic also forces us to develop creative ways to stay in touch with our colleagues, customers and associates. Technology plays an important part in these difficult times. It connects people for work meetings, reminds us of deadlines and even helps in the race to develop a vaccine that could make the world a safer place again.

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